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kells today
A Walk Around Kells
scout logo Over the years a declining population had been of some concern to Kells. Falling numbers had the potential to cause the closure of two key elements in any village-the school and the post office. Without these it would be difficult to attract new people and, in particular, any sort of investment in the area needed for Kells to develop and prosper. It was for this reason that Kells Region Economic & Tourism Enterprise was set up.
In 1992 the Kells Region Economic & Tourism Enterprise was formed, its aim being to..
“preserve the historical and archaeological treasures, the natural beauties and amenities, and the uniquely friendly atmosphere of Kells village and surrounding area."
With conservation uppermost in mind, it is the intention to develop a tourist industry and to promote an environment and structures within which opportunities will arise for the creation of lasting and worthwhile employment and sources of income. The two mills in the village have been purchased by KRETE for the benefit of the community and it is intended that they will eventually house educational and commercial enterprises such as arts and crafts, conference center, information center, workshops etc. The smaller of the mills will be used as a working mill for demonstration purposes and mill museum. Both mills are used each year as a venue for Sculpture at Kells.
Various ideas were considered over the years - FAS, a government sponsored work scheme, Tidy Towns Group, festivals, Sculpture at Kells,
St. Pat's Day parade entries, and the purchase of the mills to name just some. There were others best forgotten. Some of these projects have been more beneficial than others but all have, in varying degrees, helped Kells and have promoted the village as an enterprising and vibrant place well worth considering as a home or a possibility for small business. Present day Kells is a small village with a population of around 300. We are blessed in having amenities such as the priory, the mills and the river on our doorstep. Also, nearby are other centers of interest .... Kilkenny, Waterford, Jerpoint abbey, Aheny (high crosses), Mt. Juliet (fishing,golf) and Knockroe, possibly Ireland's oldest megalithic tomb
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Two new housing developments and a small townhouse development have attracted many newcomers to the village and with them comes new ideas and talents. The population is increasing rapidly. So much so that what little infrastructure the village had is now inadequate.
A Resource Center to cater for all the village has been proposed. This center will include a creche, reading & study rooms, meeting rooms, catering facilities, hall, medical facilities with some of the rooms being multi - functional.
There is also provision for a playing field and basketball court.
Our thanks to Albert Smith for permission to extract from his book A Brief History of Kells, Co.Kilkenny.

Kells Region Economic & Tourism Enterprise, Mullins Mill, Kells, Co.Kilkenny. Ph./Fax + 353 (0)56 7728255