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tower Kilree is the oldest religious site in the area with round tower, high cross and an ancient chuch dating back some 1200 years although additions have been made throughout the centuries. About 60 meters west of the church is the high cross. Standing more than 2 meters high, it is long believed to have been a monument to Niall Caille though some historians are inclined to think it predated his death. Niall Caille, High King of Ossraigh, drowned in the Kings River in 847 apparently while attempting the rescue of a servant or soldier.

The round tower is more than 20 meters high and is very well preserved though missing it's top. Its main purpose was probably as a bell tower, doubling as a place of refuge in troubled times. The date of the tower is unknown but put variously at between the 8th and 11th century.
high cross
brief history
a brief History
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kells today

kells today

Our thanks to Albert Smith for permission to extract from his book A Brief History of Kells, Co.Kilkenny.

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