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brief history
mill 1 The Kells Mills and mill Museum is sited on the Kings river a popular fishing and canoeing spot adjacent to the priory and close to accommodation and pubs. Milling has always played a prominent part in the history of Kells, the first known mill existing at the time of Baron Geoffrey FitzRobert de Marisco around the1170s. At one time there were seven mills in or around Kells. One, Bolands, closed in 1989 but is still in working condition. Another, within the village, it is hoped will be working for demonstration purposes this coming summer. This is Mullins mill which has the distinction of being situated on the site of the first mill to serve the priory in the 1170s. The mill was named after the Mullins family who took over the operations around 1782 after another venture, a timber mill in Ennisnag, was destroyed by flooding. A flax mill was set up adjacent to the grain mill as flax was a popular and valuable crop at the time. However, after penal trade laws were imposed on Ireland following the Act of Union in 1800, the flax industry collapsed and the mill fell into ruin. The thatched cottage over the road from the mill was the Mullins family home and it was from here that they ran the mill until 1965 when the last of the Mullins, Paddy, died. The mill operated for one more year before closing for good. It was then occupied as a residence and was eventually bought in 1997 by the Kells Region Economic and Tourism Enterprise ( KRETE ) with the intention of preserving it and developing it as a working mill, museum and arts & crafts center The restored flax mill now houses the KRETE offices. KRETE had also purchased, in 1994, another mill, Hutchinsons, about 150 meters west of Mullins. This mill has yet to be restored, but it's top storey has for the past two years served as the indoor part of Sculpture at Kells.
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Our thanks to Albert Smith for permission to extract from his book A Brief History of Kells, Co.Kilkenny.

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