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Shirleys Pub and Kells are synonomous. Shirleys featured often in Irelands first TV soap, "The Riordans". The writer, Wesley Burrows, lived in the village while the program was being made and many a Kells person became an extra in the series. It is a popular meeting spot and the origin of much that takes place in the village - many an idea has been hatched over a few beers and many an idea has been brought to fruition over a few more. Shirleys is a modern spacious establishment which retains the charm of the Irish country pub And it has its share of "characters". Food is available and. during the summer months, there's a barbeque each Saturday night. Shirleys is worth calling into while you're in the area, you'll be made very welcome
Organised music occasionally....unorganised music regularly.
Your hosts...Shane & Mary Johnston & Oscar
Comerfords pub - formerly O'Dwyers - has undergone major renovation in the past few months with the existing shop being enlarged and modernised and the lounge bar completely renewed. The theme of the pub is mainly music & sport but, of course, it caters for all occasions.
The lounge bar is large and spacious but still manages to retain an air of comfort and intimacy while the "small bar" is much the same as it was before.....a "locals" bar. If you want to become part of the village over a couple of pints then this is the place to be.
As with Shirleys...organised music occasionally....unorganised regularly.

Pat & Caroline Comerford are your hosts.